Dear membership and society in general:

As Chair and Secretariat of the International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC), the Commissioners who integrate the Plenary of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information, and Personal Data Protection (INAI) are pleased that our institution has the honor of being the host authority of the 13th Edition of the ICIC’s annual conference, which will be held from June 22 to 24, 2022 under a hybrid format. In its virtual mode, the participants will be able to interact through the digital platforms enabled for this purpose. For its part, the face-to-face format will take place in the City of Puebla, Mexico, at the William O. Jenkins Convention Center.
The purpose of this site is to proactively share and socialize relevant information about the 13th edition of the Conference, including: the program of activities, our guests and panelists, the topics that will be analyzed, as well as the special events that are planned for this event.
The INAI’s Commissioners are pleased to receive you in Mexico and in the City of Puebla. We are certain that your participation will contribute to substantively enriching the consolidation of our Conference as a space for dialogue and exchange of experiences and practices with a view to promoting, at a global level, the effective excercise of the right of access to information among more sectors of the population.
Once again, welcome to the 13th Edition of the International Conference of Information Commissioners
Please keep following our discussions through the official ICIC channels. Twitter (@IcicNet) Youtube (ICIC – Information Commissioners).

Public Statement

We are pleased to share the Statement titled “Access to information as a milestone of the digital age to guarantee human rights, the inclusion of groups in situations of vulnerability and the strengthening of democratic institutions in the 21st century” —in its English, French and Spanish versions— which was presented during the activities of the 13th edition of our annual conference held a few weeks ago.
We express our gratitude to the authorities who supported this declaration, which represents an instrument that allows us to advance in the consolidation of our Conference as the global forum by excellence for cooperation and deliberation in favor of the right of access to information.

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