Controladoria-Geral da União (CGU)

Territory: Brazil
Continent: Americas
Scope: Federal 
Competence: Ombudsman

Year established: 2003

Number of staff: 2200
Head of authority: Wagner de Campos Rosário
Wagner Rosario is Minister of State of the Office of Comptroller General of Brazil (CGU) since June 2017 (confirmed in office in June 2018). He holds a master’s degree in Fight Against Corruption and Rule of Law from the Salamanca University (Spain). He also has a university degree in Military Sciences from the Agulhas Negras Military Academy (Brazil).
He is a Federal Auditor since 2009, being the first civil servant of the Ministry to take over the positions of Executive Secretary (Vice-Minister) and Minister. Before working for CGU, he acted as Officer of the Brazilian Armed Forces. At the CGU, he has worked in the Special Operations Unit, conducting investigations on corruption crimes, in partnership with the Federal Police, the Federal Prosecution Service and other relevant governmental agencies.
Contact details:
Address: SAS Quadra 01, Bloco A, 9º andar, Sala 944, Edifício Darcy Ribeiro CEP: 70.070-905 – Brasília – DF
Telephone: (61) 2020 7242
Email: [email protected]  
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