ICIC 2021

Call for papers

The 12th International Conference, hosted by the Brazilian Office of the Comptroller General brings together experts and professionals from around the world to discuss specific themes around transparency and access to information. The Conference takes place across 2021 via a range of Open Session webinars and online workshops that will be available to all. The Closed Session, for ICIC members and observers only, took place online 23-24 June 2021
To mark the 2021 conference, CGU invites paper submissions that will be featured in a publication entitled ICIC Collection. The first ICIC Collection will be dedicated to themes related to the 2021 Conference. CGU invites ICIC members and observers to submit papers reporting experiences their authority has had on a theme discussed throughout the 2021 Open Sessions. These themes are:
  • Transparency and trust in pandemic times 
  • Blurred boundaries in access to information: home office and public records management 
  • Privacy and transparency in health issues 
  • Access to Information and Freedom of Press 
  • Challenges of Transparency in the Digital Governments: Transparency of public administration in the use of Artificial Intelligence.    
  • State Secrecy 
  • The interplay between data protection and access to information 
  • Environmental Information and P10 
  • Transparency by design and document management as means of good governance  
  • Access to Information and public services delivery 
  • Transparency, Gender, and groups in situation of vulnerability   
Submissions can be made by sending the article by e-mail to [email protected]. Submission is open throughout 2021, closing on 1 December. 
The ICIC Collection will be published on the web and shared with all ICIC members as a product and a record of the 2021 Conference. 
Articles in English, Portuguese and Spanish will be accepted. They must have between 5,000 and 7,000 words. 
For authors who are not linked to the ICIC member authorities (that are not commissioned or officials of these bodies), there is another “call for papers” open until 1 August 2021 for including articles in a special edition of the Journal of the Office of the Comptroller General. Papers can be submitted via this page for the Journal of the Office of the Comptroller General .