• The William O. Jenkins Convention Center, unique in America for being located in the Historic Center of the City, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has been installed on the buildings of the old textile factories: La Guía, La Esperanza, La Mascota and La Pastora, respecting the value of its essence, restoring its valuable elements and giving it a new life. Located a few meters from where the City of Puebla was founded, it is considered one of the best scenarios to host the most important national and international events, such as congresses, symposiums, forums, seminars, conferences, presentations, concerts, cultural exhibitions, shows, professional fairs and banquets.


          • Air conditioning
          • Carpeted halls
          • State-of-the-art and dimmable lighting
          • Simultaneous interpretation service
          • Videoconferences
          • Telephone lines and internet
          • Parking for 364 cars
          • Infirmary
          • Facilities for disabled persons
          • Safety in common areas


  • It consists of 5,489 m2 of roofed area, with 15 spaces for any type of event. The main hall (San Francisco Hall) has 2,975.5 m2 and a capacity of 3,400 people in the auditorium. This room can be divided into three: Salón Analco, La Luz and El Alto.
  • On the top floor there are four smaller rooms: La Constancia, La Esperanza, La Violeta and La Oriental. The latter two can be divided into two rooms of equal size. The site also has four other rooms that can be used as offices, press rooms, work meetings, etc. Two on the top floor: La Concordia and el Parián. On the ground floor is located the Salon La Pastora with pillars and duels on the floor, which makes it perfect for social events.
  • The Angelopolis Auditorium has a capacity of 264 people and seats type cinema, it is perfect for plenaries, awards, premiers and other similar events.



    • Located in the Historical Center of Puebla City, at the following address: 
      Héroes del 5 de Mayo 402, Centro, ZIP 72000, Puebla, Puebla.