Povjerenik za informiranje

Territory: Republic of Croatia
Continent: Europe
Scope: Federal
Competence: ATI/RTI only
Year Established: 2013

Number of staff: 18

Head of authority: Zoran Piculjan

Ph.D. graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, where he received his doctorate. He held a number of positions in public administration and diplomacy, and participated in preparation of the Law on General Administrative Procedure, the Law on the Prevention of Conflicts of Interest, the Law on the Ombudsman, the Law on Access to Information and a number of regulations in related fields. He published four books in the field of law, over thirty scientific and professional papers related to administrative law and administration, civil service and diplomatic.

Contact details:

 Trg zrtava fasizma 3, 10000 Zagreb. Croatia, Europe
Telephone:  + 385 1 20 99 100, + 385 1 20 99 102 
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://pristupinfo.hr/