Defensoría del Pueblo de Ecuador

Territory: Ecuador
Continent: Americas
Scope: National Security
Competence: Ombudsman role

Year established: 1998

Number of staff: 400
Head of authority: Cesar Marcel Cordova Valverde

Ombudsman since september 18, 2021, and elected President of the Transparency and Social Control Function in 2022.
PhD in Jurisprudence and lawyer of the Courts of Justice; Bachelor in Political and Social Sciences. He has several diplomas, among them in Human Rights. He is currently a PhD student in Constitutional Law at the Buenos Aires University.
He has developed several academic research works related to Indigenous Justice and Ancestral Common Law; as well as on Property Rights as fundamental and Assisted Reproduction like Right.
He has 27 years of experience in management and legal advice, defense of rights, litigation, public policies and project management.

Contact details:
Address: Oficina Matriz: Av. 12 de Octubre 16-114 y Pasaje Nicolás Jiménez (Quito – Ecuador)
Telephone: +593 (02) 3829-670
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