ICIC – Access to information in the context of global pandemic COVID-19

ICIC – Access to information in the context of global pandemic COVID-19


The impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) brings unprecedented challenges for our society, both nationally and globally.

Its most recent meeting, the sixteen members of the Governance Working Group of the ICIC adopted a statement which acknowledges the challenges public authorities are facing, but reiterates the importance of the right to access information.

The statement is available on the ICIC website.

We encourage all ICIC members to support the statement.

To do so, please email the ICIC Secretariat ([email protected])  to confirm your support. The ICIC Secretariat ([email protected]) will maintain a list of members who are supporting the statement.

Sharing experiences

The ICIC, and its ability to bring together members from around the world to share knowledge and best practices, is especially important during this worldwide health emergency. To help that sharing of expertise and experience, the ICIC is setting up a dedicated space on its website.

Here we will look to:

  1. Compile the legal measures which have been introduced in members’ jurisdictions and which temporarily alter or suspend information rights’ obligations due to the coronavirus, and
  2. Bring together in one place any statement, guidance and information from members and observers on the Right of Access to Public Information.

We invite you to share with the ICIC Secretariat ([email protected])  any web links to legal measures or public statements regarding COVID-19, which you are happy for us to publish.

We intend to publish the weblinks that we receive in a first round this coming Friday 17 April 2020, and at regular intervals after that.

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