ICIC signs joint international statement on the duty to document decisions and transactions now and for the future

ICIC joins international organisations to call on decision makers in the public and private sectors to recognise the importance of records management and archives, particularly during a time of crisis. In current circumstances where records may be at risk, the statement makes three calls for action: decisions must be documented; records and data should be secured and preserved in all sectors and security, preservation and access to digital content should be facilitated during the shutdown.

COVID-19: The duty to document does not cease in a crisis, it becomes more essential

COVID-19 – Bien documenter : un devoir plus que jamais essentiel en période de crise

COVID-19 – El deber de documentar en una crisis no cesa, se vuelve más esencial

מגיפת הקורונה )COVID-19(: החובה לתעד אינה נעצרת בעת משבר – היא נעשית חיונית מתמיד


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