ICIC signs resolution on its strategic plan for the next three years

At the 12th Annual ICIC closed session, the ICIC passed a resolution setting out its strategic plan for 2021 to 2024. The six priorities contained in the plan support the ICIC’s Charter Goals as set out in the Johannesburg Charter.

Written by the Scottish Information Commissioner and co-sponsored by the Mexico and UK regulators the priorities are:

  • Build the ICIC’s capacity and capability to carry out its mission and vision;
  • Widen membership;
  • Investigate options to develop financial sustainability;
  • Demonstrate global leadership in access to public information rights;
  • Enable communication between members and publication of information about access to public information rights; and
  • Undertake a comparative assessment of the needs of different geographic regions in protecting and promoting access to public information.

The new Executive Committee Chair will lead on the implementation of these priorities.

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