Right to Access Information Commission

Territory:  Sierra Leone 
Continent: Africa
Scope: National
ATI-RTI only
Year established: 2013

Number of staff: 21
Head of authority: Dr. Seaga Ibrahim Shaw   
He is Chairman and Information Commissioner, Right to Access Information Commission in Sierra Leone. Before taking up this post in October 2018, Dr Shaw worked as Senior Lecturer in Media and Politics at Northumbria university in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK since September 2011. He was Secretary General of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) between 2012 and 2016 following his election at the organisation’s biennial conference in Japan on November 24-28 2012. In 2013, 2015, and 2016, He is author of five books, including Human Rights Journalism(2012, and over 30 scholarly papers. He sits on the Interim Executive Committee of the ICIC (www.ibrahimseagashaw.com) 



Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw



Relevant Laws

Right to Access Information (RAI) Act  
First annual report is currently being developed and a link will be provided as soon as it is completed
Contact details:
Address: Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw and Hon. Mustapha M. Braima 46 Krootown Road, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Telephone: +232 79 131744 / +232 76 603724
Contact email: [email protected]
General email: [email protected]
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