Consejo de Transparencia y Buen Gobierno

Territory: Spain 
Continent: Europe
Scope:  Federal
Competence: ATI/RTI only

Year established: 2014 

Number of staff: 22
Head of authority: José Luis Rodríguez Álvarez

Jurist and Professor of Constitutional Law. He was Director of the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Relations with the Courts (2004-2008) and Director-General for Legal Coordination (2008-2009) in the Ministry of the Presidency. From 2009 to 2011, he was Director-General of the Minister’s Office in the Ministry of Justice.

In 2011 he headed the Spanish Data Protection Agency, a position he held until 2014. He participated in the processing of the Law on Transparency, where, among others, he positioned himself against automatic denials and without weighting of access to public information with the protection of personal data as an excuse.

He also directed a master’s degree in law in new technologies and was the university’s data protection officer. He is currently Chairman of the Transparency and Good Governance Council.

Contact details:
Address: 1C/José Abascal nº 2 5ª planta. 28003 Madrid
Telephone: +34 91 273 33 00
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