Welcome to the ICIC website and good wishes from the Secretariat.

Welcome to the Information Commissioners International Conference (ICIC) website from the ICIC Secretariat.

This is the first of a new, regular blog post to share news of the work of the ICIC and of the ICIC members across the globe.

We hope that our website and our Twitter feed @icicnet become the ‘go to’ places for information about the work of the ICIC and a means for information commissioners and their stakeholders to collaborate, share good practice and develop the ICIC’s  international voice.

New on the website this week is the Johannesburg Resolution and Charter that were agreed at the ICIC annual members’ meeting on Wednesday 13 March 2019. This is a major milestone for the ICIC and now creates firm foundations from which to continue to develop our work. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Also on the website is the text of the draft resolution from Germany, “Transparency of public administration when using algorithms is indispensable for the protection of fundamental human and civil rights” which was debated briefly at the annual members’ meeting. We are inviting interested parties to send their comments on this draft resolution to the ICIC Secretariat by 26 April 2019.  We will then collate the comments and share a further draft for adoption.

Our priority over the next few weeks is to take stock of the work that needs to be completed and the processes that need to be put in place for the good functioning of the ICIC. We want to continue to populate our ICIC website with information about the history of the ICIC along with reviews of significant case from different jurisdictions. We will share the highlights of ICIC 2019 through the speeches, presentations, summaries and images that were created.

In our next blog, we will be introducing the members of the newly expanded Governance Working Group which stems from the Charter and ask that they share their thoughts on the future work of the ICIC.

Meanwhile, we encourage all of our colleagues to confirm their contact details with the Secretariat ([email protected]) and help support the development of our gallery by sharing photos of the ICIC 2019.

With good wishes from the Secretariat.  

22 March 2019

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